Practical radiological protection culture at school: experience and lessons learned


Technical Meeting on Radiation, Health and Healing. Fukushima Medical University, Japan, 9-10 March 2016


The concept of practical radiological protection culture emerged in the late 90s under the ETHOS project in Belarus and has gradually deepened in the CORE program during the decade that followed. Initially developed with adults, this culture rapidly appeared as a key element in the education of schoolchildren living in the long term contaminated areas by the Chernobyl accident.

Enriched by this experience, a group of radiation protection professionals developed a decade ago radiological protection workshops for students in cooperation with French and European high schools. The general objective of these workshops is to foster, through educational activities, discussions among students, teachers and experts in order to develop a common language for the practical radiological protection culture is not only the prerogative of professionals.

After recalling the context in which the concept of radiation protection practice culture has emerged and the main stages of its development until recent activities in Fukushima, the presentation summarizes the main lessons learned from this unique experience.


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