historical CEPN

The decision to create the CEPN was taken under the leadership of Dr. Henri Jammet, then Director of the Department of Protection of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Georges Morlat, renowned statistician, then adviser to the Directorate General of Electricity of France (EDF), and Francis Fagnani, health economist, then Director of research at INSERM.

The constitutive General Assembly was held on October 22, 1976 and the announcement of the creation of the Association published officially on December 11 of that year. EDF and the CEA are both founding members of CEPN.

The first President of CEPN was Professor Maurice Tubiana and the first Director of the Research Group was Francis Fagnani.

In July 1979, the INSERM research group on risk assessment and preventive actions (FRA 50) is attached to CEPN. The group will become a few years later a full Research Unit (U-240) and continue with CEPN until 1989.

The Scientific Council of CEPN is established in 1985, succeeding to a Scientific Committee installed in 1976 and chaired by Georges Morlat from 1977 to 1985.

In March 1989, Jacques Lochard, economist, who joined CEPN in 1977, is appointed Director of the Research Group to succeed Francis Fagnani called by INSERM to other functions.

The Association currently has four members with the accession of COGEMA in 1993, which became AREVA in 2001, and the Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) in 2002 at the time of its creation.

Successive Presidents of the Association:

  • Maurice Tubiana
  • Henri Jammet
  • Pierre Tanguy
  • Jacques Lafuma
  • Annie Sugier
  • Jérôme Pelissier Tanon
  • Bernard Tinturier
  • Jean-Pierre Laurent
  • Daniel Quéniart
  • Dominique Minière
  • Hervé Bernard
  • Philippe Sasseigne
  • Bertrand de L’Epinois
  • Bernard Le Guen
  • Jean-Christophe Gariel
  • Patrick Fracas

Successive President of the Scientific Council:

  • Henri Jammet
  • Pierre Galle
  • Henri Loubergé
  • Serge Prêtre
  • Annie Sugier
  • Augustin Janssens
  • Eduardo Gallego
  • Sébastien Baechler