Axe 1 : Contribute to the reflections on principles and methods for radiological risk assessment and management


The CEPN will continue its contribution to national and international reflections carried out with a view to facilitating the understanding of the foundations of the radiological protection system, in a context characterised both by the evolution of scientific knowledge, the transposition of new Basic Safety Standards into national regulations and the growing involvement of civil society in decision-making processes. In the framework of the current discussions on the implementation of the optimization principle, the CEPN will contribute to methodological developments carried out in particular within the International Radiation Protection Association and the International Commission on Radiological Protection on the concepts of reasonableness and tolerability.

It should also be emphasized that the protection of the environment is now an integral part of the radiological protection system. In this context, the CEPN will undertake a watch on the implementation of the protection of the environment against the deleterious effects of ionizing radiation, addressing both the impact of radiation on the non-human biota and the environment in a perspective of a heritage approach.

Work programme

  • Radiological health risk assessment
  • Methodological developments on concept of reasonableness in the implementation of the principle of optimization of radiological protection
  • Reflection on the concept of tolerability of risk
  • Analysis of existing exposure situations management
  • Watch on the integration of environmental protection approach and consideration of the concept of quality of the environment in risk assessment and risk management