Radiation Detriment: Evolution of its Estimation and its Role in the RP System


This course is designed for radiation protection professionals who are intersted in better understanding of the risk concepts contributing to the foundation of the radiation protection system.

Refresher Course at IRPA13, Glasgow, Scotland, 14-18 May 2012.


This course will provide:

  • A historical perspective of the construction and the evaluation of radiation detriment since ICRP Publication 26 in 1977 (first time that a risk estimate was proposed) until ICRP Publication 103 in 2007, explaining the main components this indicator (results from epidemiology and radiobiology, type of health effects considered, weighting factors including value judgement,...),
  • A perspective between radiological risk and other occupational or public fatal risks
  • A discussion on the stakes associated with the use of the radiological detriment (indicator for elaborating the RP system, principles of use of the concept,…)


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