Radiation doses to non-human species after the Fukushima accident and comparison with ICRP’s DCRLs: A systematic qualitative review


Revue Radioprotection 2023


This study reviewed publications on radiation dose estimations for non-human species after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident and discussed the accident’s potential effects on the environment. Articles published from 2011 to December 2022 in online database were manually searched, and 27 eligible articles were identified. The estimated doses were summarized according to reference animals and plants and derived consideration reference levels (DCRLs) from ICRP Publication 108. Most estimated dose rates were on or below DCRL bands, but several greatly exceeded the DCRLs, mainly immediately after the accident. Half of the articles focused on dose estimation, but 13 also contained assessments of radiation effects. Effects such as chromosomal aberrations, morphological abnormalities, and population decline, were observed and the observed effects corresponding to estimated dose rates were implied in agreement with DCRL. Although a broader integration of knowledge is needed to obtain more robust data on environmental effects and improve environmental protection systems, our review contributes to refining the objectives of the environmental radiological protection approach.

Radioprotection, 14 September 2023

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