The high school “Radiation protection workshops”

Ateliers de la radioprotection

The high school “Radiation protection workshops” (Les ateliers de la radioprotection)

Since September 2007, CEPN organized jointly with the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) and the Sciences Pavilion of Franche-Comté, the 'Radiological Protection Workshops' with students of French and European schools. These workshops aim to develop a practical culture radiation protection at school by offering students multidisciplinary activities involving radiological protection.

The workshops are driven by secondary school teachers of scientific or literary disciplines in partnership with radiation protection experts, academics and researchers in the concerned disciplines. The topics covered in these workshops are diverse: from the scientific and technical foundations of radiation protection to the practical management of radon exposure, occupational exposure in the nuclear and industrial facilities, patient exposure in hospitals as well as the monitoring of radioactivity in the environment or in contaminated sites and territories...

The workshops are organized throughout the school year and include theoretical sessions provided by the teacher with the support of radiological protection experts and practical sessions such as handling measuring devices, visits technical installations, conducting of experiments.

Every year, an international meeting is organized in spring to allow students who participated in the workshops to present their work and interact with other students and radiological protection professionals.