The values and the uses of the reference monetary value of the man.sievert. Results of an international survey.


Radioprotection, July-September 2020, 55(3), 8 pp.

Abstract : 

For complex radiation protection project, decision-aiding techniques, such as Cost-Benefit Analysis can be used. In 1973, the International Commission on Radiological Protection introduced the “reference monetary value of the man.sievert” to convert the benefit of a radiation protection option (averted exposure) in monetary term for comparison with it is cost. In 2017, an international survey has collected the reference monetary values of nuclear utilities and regulatory authorities. This article presents the data collected and analyzes them. Over the 220reactors who answered, 176 (80%) are using the concept, expressing its longevity and relevance for optimization purposes. The utilities can use single value or set of reference values varying with the level of exposure. This survey also highlights the emergence of mixed and flexible systems. The collected values are largely spread (ratio 1:10 at least) and this is the opportunity to discuss the influence of the method used to calculate the reference value and notably the related concept of the Value of a human Statistical Life (VSL).


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